Drake had one of the most successful debuts of the year with 'Thank Me Later,' but he thinks there's room for improvement in terms of quality. Using Kanye West's critically acclaimed 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' as a cornerstone, the Young Money rapper recently spoke on wanting to emulate the musical accomplishments on Yeezy's chart-topping LP, explaining why he thinks people received it so well.

"I definitely understand why people hold that album at such high regard. It's a great project and it's definitely given me something to strive for because perfect scores are hard to come by nowadays, and I've seen a lot of them on that album. That definitely lets me know what I'm gunning for on this next project,' he told TheSource.com.

Drizzy continued by lauding Kanye for releasing free tracks in the weeks leading up to the album's release, explaining how it was more of a blessing than one would have thought. "I think people had so much time to sit with the songs, that it threw them off a little bit when the album came out and so many of those songs were already on it," he said. "But at the same time, when you get that project and you can imagine getting all those songs on one day and we didn't have to deal with the power of leaks and internet stuff."

Drake was recently nominated for three Grammy Awards including Best New Artist, Best Rap Album for 'Thank Me Later' and Best Rap Solo Performance for 'Over.' The Toronto native is currently working on his sophomore album 'Take Care,' which is set to feature production from 9th Wonder and possibly DJ Premier.

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