Actor-turned-rapper Drake's popularity may have just launched him into another stratosphere. The highly buzzed about 22-year-old is said to be at the helm of a $2 million label war. According to reports, the currently unsigned Toronto native is at the center of "one of the biggest bidding wars ever."

The front-runner is Universal Motown Records who have a relationship with Lil Wayne's Young Money label, with which Drake is affiliated. Warner Music label head Lyor Cohen's attendance at Drake's recent New York performance also fueled rumors that they are looking to sign him to Atlantic records.

Word on the street is there is another unnamed label itching to get the rapper to sign on the dotted line. "Just know that whatever label we sign to it'll be because they'll add to what we've created on our own," Drake said.

The former Degrassi actor is seemingly unfazed by the music politics and more focused on putting together his debut release, 'Thank Me Later.' "One person I'm looking at crafting the album with is Kanye West. That's the one person I'm hoping will take the helm and direct it where it needs to go," Drake said in an interview.

"A lot of people argue about my buzz, 'Oh it's just the Internet buzz' or 'Oh it's not real, it can't materialize,' so I think if I did put out an album with no label, I think I could really prove a point," he said. "We don't have the same marketing tools Roc-A-Fella used years ago, that Master P used to sell albums. "I feel like if I sign to a label and go platinum the first week, they'll be like 'Oh, it was the label push,' but if I did it without, people might say this is really changing, the Internet is a powerful tool."

Drake recently shot a video for the Young Money song 'Every Girl' alongside his mentor, Lil Wayne. The two will also head out on tour together this summer.