Drake and Lil WayneThe majority of rapper/singer Drake's songs thus far have been on the softer side, like his recent collaboration with The-Dream on 'Shut it Down.' But producer Omen, who began working with Drake on his 2008 mixtape 'Comeback Season,' claims that his album 'Thank Me Later' will feature a lot more rapping than singing.

"It's more rapping than 'So Far So Gone'... a lot more rapping," Omen said. "Even if he is singing it's just the chorus. 'Shut It Down' has probably the most singing on the album and then he has another one with a Sade vibe that's dope."

Be that as it may, Omen claims that Drake has hired a vocal coach to work on his singing. "He's definitely improving his singing too. He just hired a vocal coach that he's working with during The Away From Home Tour. This is going to be one of the top hip-hop/R&B albums out this year. I can feel it."

'Thank Me Later' is scheduled for a June 15 release.