As the world awaits Lil Wayne's release from prison, Drake has been dropping hints that Weezy's highly-anticipated welcome home concert will be taking place in Las Vegas this coming weekend.

Wayne is rumored to be receiving a Nov. 4 release date from Rikers Island, the New York prison in which he's been incarcerated since March, and according to Drake, his next performance will be taking place two days later in Vegas, at the final date of Drake's 'Light Dreams and Nightmares' tour.

"I would just advise you to book a ticket out there. If you can get tickets to that show on the 6th, I would strongly advise it," Drake told MTV.

According to reports from within his camp, the father of four will reportedly be flying first to Miami to spend time with family, before appearing at the rumored welcome home concert with Drake.

"I think what's important, we want to see family first," Cash Money's Birdman stated recently. "If the concert happens, it happens. But right now, we just want to come home and see our family and party, I think. That's what we gonna do: just come to Miami, and just party for a minute. Work and party and play."

Meanwhile, Wayne's 'I Am Not a Human Being' EP recently debuted at No. 1, making him the first artist since Tupac to drop a No.1 album while in prison.

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