Drake and Chris Brown are about to have one more thing in common besides Rihanna. According to Drake, the two may be working on a track together. "I've been working all night," Drake said in a video interview Tuesday (June 29). "I've just been in the studio. I was actually in the studio with Chris Brown for a little bit. Then I was studio hopping, seeing where I can lend my hand since I've done mine."

Brown has been slowly but surely attempting his comeback to an industry that shunned him following his assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Following his emotional tribute to Michael Jackson at this year's BET awards the Virginia native seems to be on track for some much needed forgiveness from the public.

If he were to align with Drake on a track, it would be a step in the right direction as the 23-year-old recently snagged the year's largest release from a debut album selling close to 500,000 copies of his 'Thank Me Later' album. Here's hoping that the two aren't thinking about putting together a Rihanna diss record.