A week after Drake's sophomore album, 'Take Care,' leaked online, another new song, 'Hate Sleeping Alone,' has begun making the rounds.

Slated to be an iTunes-only bonus cut, the track pairs bummed-out, contemplative lyrics with a moody synth line. In other words, it shares much in common with the rest of 'Take Care,' which officially hits stores tomorrow (Nov. 15).

On the song, a mopey Drizzy shifts back and forth between "you" and "she," sounding a bit confused as he apologizes to one girl for seeking solace in the arms of another.

"Half the time, we don't end up f---ing," the Toronto MC assures his girl, but even so, he feels ashamed, admitting that he's abused her trust and succumbed to the temptations of fame.

"But this money coming in is just confusing s--- right not," he rap-sings. "You told me I ain't s---, and I guess I'm proving it right now."

If Drake is unlucky in love, he's at least proved lucky in business. His debut, 'So Far Gone,' was a big seller, and despite the leak, 'Take Care' promises to shift some major units -- not that the Canadian phenom is focused on sales.

"It's never really been a numbers game to me, but to hear that lets me know, 'Damn, OK. Maybe I have been working hard,' Drake said in an interview with Billboard. "I plan on keeping it going. I like sitting at the top. It's a good feeling. More than anything though, I love having a record that people love."

On a similar note, he says he's not fixated on the fact that he's 0-for-6 at the Grammy Awards.

"I don't measure my success anymore by the Grammys," he told Billboard. "I can't because I'll just end up crushed. And, not to be offensive, I just feel it's political. Would I love to win a Grammy? Sure. Will I win one after that comment? Probably not."

'Take Care' officially debuts Nov. 15.

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