Rapper Drake got the seal of approval from an unlikely fan: movie citric Roger Ebert. The Chicago reviewer took to his Twitter page to respond to a shout-out from Drake in his debut single 'Over' in which he references the Chicago film critic's famous "two thumbs up" line.

"Two thumbs up Ebert & Roeper is now a viral catch-phrase?" Ebert tweeted. "Thank you Drake!" The 67-year old film critic didn't stop there with his tweets about Drizzy. He also said that the Canadian rapper was his granddaughter's "great favorite" and that the mention increased his credibility.

On the single 'Over,' the lead off his up-coming release 'Thank Me Later,' Drake details his rise to stardom from Internet sensation to Grammy nominated rapper; all before dropping his first album. "I really can't complain, everything is kosher/ Two thumbs up, Ebert & Roper," he spits. "I really can't see the end getting any closer, but I'll prolly still be the man when everything is over."

Ebert patented the "two thumbs" rating used by him and his partner Gene Siskel on their syndicated show 'At The Movies with Gene Siskel & Roger Ebert.' Following Siskel's death in 1999, the show title was changed to include his replacement, Richard Roeper. In 2002 Ebert was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which took away his ability to speak due to surgery on his lower jaw. He has been quoted as saying that his inability to talk has strengthened his writing. Ebert's reviews appear in several newspapers around the world, as well as on-line.

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