Drake is keeping his promise of delving into R&B with the new track 'I Get Lonely Too.' The first song is off his forthcoming 'It's Never Enough' mixtape, where he nixes his rap flow for to test out his vocal abilities. Covering the TLC's song 'FanMail' off the trio's 1999 album of the same title, Drizzy tackles the same lyrics but with his own spin on the track, which was written as an open letter to the group's fans.

Beneath the beat, produced by longtime collaborator Noah '40' Shebib, Drizzy successfully constructs a melancholy delivery making for a satisfying R&B song, even it has been done before. "Waited on you for so long, too many days since January," he croons. "I'm still sitting here alone, we should've did this already/Said I got an email today kinda thought that you had forgot about me, but I want to hit you to say just like you, I get lonely too."

Never one to shy away from exploring new facets of his career, the Toronto native has long shown and interest in singing fusing rap and singing in his 'So Far Gone' mixtape, and 'Thank Me Later' album. Yet for 'It's Never Enough' his vocals will take the driver's seat for the record, which he hopes to release during the holidays. "I'd really love to get it out for Christmastime," he said in an interview. "I'm gonna really get to put the finishing touches on it in November and December. Because it's a mixtape, I don't have to wait for the production of it ... I'm really excited about 'It's Never Enough.' "I might pick a beautiful woman and shoot a video. I have some ideas ... It's all new music."

Drake's 'It's Never Enough' is due out later this year.