In part two of his CRWN interview with veteran hip-hop journalist Elliott Wilson, Drake begins by discussing how his latest collaboration with Jay Z, 'Pound Cake,' came about.

He reveals that the track was originally recorded when he was working with Beyonce, and Mr. Carter's two verses were actually written for 'Magna Carta... Holy Grail.' For what was apparently the first time in his career, Jay sent Drake the acapellas of his verses to use, and then Bio-1da and Noah "40" Shebib got to work on the beat.

Despite being adored my millions of fans, Drake has always had a love-hate relationship with rap critics. He admitted that the idea of putting out a record like 'Hold On, We're Going Home' was "nerve-racking," but he says the scrutiny of the Rap Internets can't hold him back.

In fact, Drake announced that he wants to make a full singing record (in similar fashion to Kanye West's '808 & Heartbreaks') after he gets a few more rap albums out the way.

Before his close friend and producer 40 joined the conversation to talk about the new album and his production methods, Drake spoke on how 'Too Much' strained his relationship with his mother, why he doesn't care about album sales and his current role in YMCMB.

Watch the part two of interview below, and stay tuned for part three dropping tomorrow (Sept. 27).

[Via Huffington Post]