Pennsylvania fans of Drake will have to wait a little longer to witness the Young Money MC command a stage as a result of shady business dealings.

The Sherman Theater, located in Stroudsburg, Penn., canceled two sold-out shows booked for the rapper on May 27, after the venue president learned of an "elaborate scam" orchestrated by an outside promoter to profit off ticket sales.

Kihiem Muhammad of Virginia Beach, Va., also known as Michael Ellerbe, formerly of New York, N.Y., contacted Monroe County dentist Virginia Farrow-Williams, a longtime family friend, about producing a Drake show in the community. Williams, seeing how such a concert would benefit Monroe County, participated in conference calls with Muhammad and people fraudulently representing themselves as Cortez Bryant and Drake's manager, as well as someone claiming to be Drake himself.

Sherman Theater President Richard Berkowitz authorized the Drake show for sale and promotion after receiving proper documents and deposits to rent the venue. Prior to securing the theater with appropriate documentation, Williams signed contracts and secured hotel reservations for the rapper and his people as a result of Muhammad's arrangements.

According to Berkowitz, he noticed "red flags" after learning of conversations between Muhammad and Williams. As a result, he was "able to personally talk to Drake's agent who confirmed that a number of promoters have been fooled by this and other scammers in regards to deposit monies for Drake, Nicki Minaj, and other clients," which was revealed in a statement on the theater's website. To the disappointment of the 'Thank Me Later' creator's fans, the concert was shut down even before it occurred.

Tickets were originally sold to fans for $50. Several hours after ticket sales initially opened late last month, the show was sold out. The Sherman Theater is offering a full refund for all ticket holders.

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