Former 'Degrassi' actor Drake said that his rap persona is an act recently, and that acting is something he'd like to get back into. "I can actually act," he said. "It's comedy comparable to, like, Judd Apatow and Michael Cera, but with black people in it. So, I mean, there's all kinds of forms of self-expression, and it carries over, obviously, into music. My music is really personal. It's really based on honesty, so it's not much acting involved. And, you know, [Lil] Wayne is a character when he performs. When he spits, he's animated. With me, with rapping, it's more intimate, it's more organic and more personal. My music, I think there's more acting on the business side of it than the music side of it." Cute. [MTV]

Jesse James' "nazi" mistress appeared on Howard Stern to discuss her white power background. "I was never a white supremacist," Michelle "Bombshell" McGee told Howard. "More like white pride stuff." She then continued to say "I've dated other races, just not a black guy...I'm not against it. I make a horrible racist Nazi. I have too many colored friends." Gross. [HuffingtonPost]