DrakeWhile Drake's album has been pushed back to an indeterminate release date, the Grammy-nominated rapper's demand is only growing. Piano diva Alicia Keys has tapped Drake for her upcoming album, 'The Element of Freedom,' on a song entitled 'Unthinkable (I'm Ready).'

The Young Money rapper/singer discussed the song recently, saying, "They reached out and she said that she really wanted me to do something on her project, but she wanted me to do me, not do an Alicia Keys record. She gave me one of the best studio experiences of my life. I came in there, and instead of being like here's the beat get to work, she was like, 'Play me your favorite songs, and let's battle. You play me your favorite, I play you mine'. Everybody was in the studio and we started playing records. She doesn't drink, but we were drinking and it was turning into this heated party just loving music."

Drake continued to relate the ease with which their collaboration came together, "the transition from great music to making a song, no one even noticed it. She just started playing the keys and I started writing melodies and we came up with a song that I think could be a really big record."

He proudly claimed that he wrote the majority of the song, as well. "I wrote most of the record, she produced it, but it was a collaborate effort, everybody did their thing. That might be one of the best moments of my career, I love that song." Though Drake's album was recently pushed back from a "firm" Valentine's Day 2010 release date to "hopefully March,", he's come a long way since 'Degrassi: The Next Generation.'