Alicia Keys
will be appearing on Drake's highly anticipated 'Thank Me Later' release. The Toronto native confirmed the news during a performance at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles Thursday (May 13).

"This right here is the first song that you will hear when you put that disk in," he informed the crowd before performing the track. "It's a song with myself and Miss Alicia Keys, it's called 'Fireworks.' The 23-year-old premiered the track during a show at Pennsylvania's Slippery Rock University back in April, but this was the first news of Alicia Keys' participation. ln the track he expresses how life has changed since his evolution from virtual unknown to one of the most buzzed about emcees in hip-hop.

"Money just changed everything," he rapped. "I wonder how life without it would go/From the concrete, who knew that a flower would grow/ Looking down from the top and it's crowded below/ My 15 minutes started an hour ago/ Truth over fame you know I respect the blatant sh--/ When I hear 'em talking I don't know what to make of it/ Haters so familiar to me, I'm slowly embracing it/ Doesn't come natural bare with me if it takes a bit/ And my dreams are who I'm racing with but you can see I'm pacing it so that I'm always chasing it."

'Fireworks' marks the second time the two have worked together. Drake acted as co-writer and provided background vocals for Keys' latest single 'Unthinkable (I'm Ready).' As his release date draws near, Drake has dropped two music videos; the first for his single 'Over' and the most recent, 'Find Your Love.' Thank Me Later' hits stores June 15.