Drake can rhyme, sing and act, but apparently he doesn't have an outside shot. Proof of that comes from a video highlighting the rapper warming up with the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team on Friday night (Oct. 17).

When it was the rapper's turn to shoot, he decided to take a 3-pointer instead of a layup, which he probably regrets now since he didn't even come close to the basket and shot an air ball.

The 'Nothing Was the Same' creator quickly put his hand out, indicating that he wanted another attempt, and his second shot was inside the 3-point line. The video doesn't show if he made the basket or not.

But by the looks of it, it's apparent the 27-year-old MC is a decent basketball player because he did have pretty decent form and coordination.

The damage is done, however, at least on the Internet, because the footage of his air ball has gone completely viral and will likely cost Drake a few days of relentless teasing in the forms of memes.

Besides joining the warm-up line, the Toronto native also introduced Kentucky's coach John Calipari on Friday night, and even took a bunch of photos with team members.

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