Drake will be one of the many rappers included on the soundtrack to accompany 2K Sport's upcoming release, 'NBA 2K11,' but the Young Money rapper has also been given the chance to play in the game.

According to Drake's fan site AllThingsFresh.net, the Toronto rapper will appear as a hidden character in the popular basketball gaming series. Gamers must rack up enough points to unlock Drake, who will play while sporting basketball jersey number 24.

In addition to music from Drake, the 'NBA 2K11' soundtrack will feature songs from several popular rappers including Big Boi, Aloe Blacc, Kid Cudi, Asher Roth and Snoop Dogg, who penned a new song exclusively for the popular game. "Snoop has been a long time fan of the NBA 2K series," a rep from 2K Sports explained. "Because music is such an integral part to the gameplay experience, it as a perfect fit for this year's title -- one of the greatest rappers making an exclusive track for the greatest NBA game."

'NBA 2K11' hits stores on October 5.

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