Dr. Dre and Curtis Young

Dr. Dre's son, Curtis Young, has announced plans to launch a new record label, Young Entertainment, in conjunction with the debut of his first album 'Product of My DNA.'

The Compton native, who has released several popular mixtapes in the West Coast hip-hop scene, says that meeting his iconic father has inspired his progression in the industry. "My world became complete when I finally met my father at the age of 21," Young told AllHipHop. "I am extremely grateful for my father paving the road for me and many other artists. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to take over a legacy. As a producer, my father has set extremely high standards to existing and upcoming producers all over the globe but my hard and dedicated work will show everyone that I deserved the name Young."

According to Young, the album will explore the details of his budding relationship with Dr. Dre, in addition to establishing himself as a talented rapper and producer among a new generation of West Coast emcees. "For my debut album, you can expect to learn about the making of Curtis Young," he said. "The story of actually becoming a product of society. People can expect to hear the true meaning of 'Product of My DNA' that will let people know who Curtis Young is and how I learned about my father, Dr. Dre."

'Product of My DNA,' will be released this summer on Young Entertainment Label.