Though Dr. Dre's long-awaited album 'Detox' has been delayed for the better part of the last decade, it appears that the good doctor might finally release the record in this lifetime.

At a press conference in September, Dre said that he intended to have his third and purportedly final album ready by the holidays. "In a perfect world, you know I'm really trying to make Christmas, but we'll see," he explained. "Something will definitely be out. I'm actually working on it every day." Though fans were predictably skeptical, it appears that a visual for the project may indeed be released shortly. Video director Joseph Kahn, best known for his music videos for Eminem, recently leaked word that he is working on a "big" new video via Twitter.

"Just booked my next video. It's big. Three guesses who. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong," Kahn tweeted, before dropping some more explicit clues. "Prepping DR. Dre. Hey Interscope, do you think there will be any BEATS headphones in this video?"

Whether the "something" Dre promised is a Kahn-directed video or an actual slab of music has yet to be seen, but in the wacky world of 'Detox,' where even a 20-second snippet, or leaked reference track gives us hope, this is a huge step.

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