If you're one of those people who've been waiting for Dr. Dre's next album, 'Detox,' it looks like you'll be waiting forever. The project will now go by another name.

Dawaun Parker, a producer who once worked as part of the Aftermath Records imprint (Dre's label), said Dre dropped the 'Detox' title a few years ago and adopted a new one. "The album he's working on is not called 'Detox.' He scrapped 'Detox' a couple years ago and came up with another title," he explained. "I won't say what the title is 'cause I haven't seen that online or anything yet."

In an interview with Rap-Up earlier this year, singer Marsha Ambrosius gave details on working with Dre for this new album and also confirmed it would have a different title.

"We went to Hawaii just before the end of last year for a couple of weeks and got to really cram in with the production team that he's got going now... so we've been working," Ambrosius stated. "'Detox' was a title that was thrown around so many years ago so there's so many other things in the works for you to not have to be concerned about anyone detoxing. It sounds like a fitness center now. No. You'll see something else."

And now that we've been updated on the title change, it would be nice if someone from Dre's camp would give us an actual release date.

Watch Dawaun Parker Speak on Dr. Dre's Next Album