Almost a decade after releasing his last music video for 'Bad Intentions' featuring Knoc-Turn'Al, Dr. Dre is ready to return to the world of visuals. In anticipation of his upcoming final album 'Detox,' the Doc is set to premiere the Joseph Kahn-directed clip for 'Kush' featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon, the first official single from the mythical album.

The video, which will debut today on VEVO, was shot last month, with Kahn hinting that he would be in charge of the camera work for the weed-focused banger. "Prepping DR. Dre. Hey Interscope, do you think there will be any BEATS headphones in this video?" Kahn tweeted at the time.

An unfinished version of 'Kush' leaked to the Internet in November, which didn't please Dre. "It got leaked, and it was a version of it that I wasn't really happy about," he told Power 106. "But we're gonna go ahead and push it and put it out, since everybody seems to like it." The track is the sole tune from 'Detox' to be based strictly on talk of marijuana. "This is actually the only type of song with that type of content on it," Dre stated.

'Detox' has been in the works for over half a decade, and has been given several different release dates. Dre confirmed that the album would be his last, and that it will definitely be released at the top of 2011.

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