As this year's Grammy Awards rapidly approach, the show's schedule is starting to take shape. Promoters have just announced that rap music will lead the charge with Dr. Dre and Eminem serving up a dose of 'Detox' and kicking-off the program with a rare performance. Presumably plugging 'I Need a Doctor,' the 'Detox' single that dropped yesterday, this will be Dre's first big public look as a performer in years. (Consider Dre's surprise appearance at Em and Jay-Z's Detroit Home and Home concert, a warm-up.)

Music News Daily, who broke this tidbit, cites an inside source that says Eminem will also do a solo performance from his wildly successful 'Recovery' album. The opening slot for Dre and Em continues the recent tradition of opening up the Grammys with a huge, culture-spanning duet. Last year's big moment featured a surprise collaboration between Lady Gaga and Elton John.

'I Need a Doctor' is currently the top download in the iTunes store and seems to have struck a balance between longtime Dre fans and general pop music aficionados that went for tracks like Eminem's 'Love The Way You Lie' in 2010. The latest rumors place 'Detox' for an April 1 release date, yet as usual with Dre, we'll believe it when we hear it for real.

The 2011 Grammy Awards will air live on CBS on Feb. 13.

Watch Dr. Dre's 'Forgot About Dre' feat. Eminem

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