Dr. Dre has been promising the release of his third and final solo album 'Detox' for more than half a decade, but he's finally making good on his word. The legendary rapper/producer has announced that he will drop the mythical album in February 2011, with the first lead single 'Kush' featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon already making its way around the internet.

Though Dre has put in studio time with almost every notable musician in the music biz, he has confirmed that the LP will feature collaborations with Eminem, Jay-Z, La Roux and The Game. Dre has reportedly shot a music video for 'Kush' ahead of the album's release date with director Joseph Kahn, with the single already available for download in digital retail stores.

Dre first announced 'Detox' in 2003, and has delayed the album numerous times since beginning work on the project. The followup to 1999's 'The Chronic 2001,' 'Detox' has been consistently pushed back since its conception, putting a wrench in the machine after a few unfinished tracks leaked to the internet. He most recently declared that the highly anticipated offering would be released by Christmas, but an official press release claims that the February '11 date will stick.

Most recently, 'Detox' spawned a string of unauthorized tunes. Back in June, the Jay-Z-assisted 'Under Pressure' hit the 'Net, followed by 'Turn Me On' two months later. Dre said that the leaks would not make the final cut of the album.