Hip-hop has been waiting for the release of Dr. Dre's 'Detox' album for so long, it was feared that it might never see the light of day. Yet just when hope was dwindling down, Dre himself assured members of the media, that he is fine-tuning the album and it will be on its as early as later this year. "I'm leaving this event [and] going right to the studio," Dre told the BoomBox while walking the red carpet at this year's ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards. "I'm trying to put it out by the end of the fall. I'm trying to give everybody what they're waiting for and make sure they're not disappointed."

As previously reported Dre's 'Under Pressure' featuring Jay-Z leaked to the 'net, an occurrence that he was none too happy about. "I didn't get to finish the record. The vocals are real rough ... that's not even the hook. It's not done," Dre explained. "It's one of the things we have to deal with today in the business because of the technology and Internet and all that. It's real easy for somebody to steal your s---."

Although nothing has publicly been set in stone yet, here's hoping that 'Detox' will drop later this year.