As the wait for Dr. Dre's highly anticipated album 'Detox' continues, Dre gave yet another discouraging interview about the release, saying that he does not expect the album to drop before 2011.

"I got some s--- coming, believe me," he unconvincingly told The Guardian, while promoting his Beats By Dre headphones. "I'm just trying to be a creator in among all this s--- that's going on," he added.

When asked for an approximate release date, Dre toed around the subject, as per usual, saying "I just want to get my music out and make sure that it's heard in the right way. That's all I give a f--- about ... I have to go out to clubs now [to prepare for 'Detox''s release]. You need to understand what people are listening to."

Having spent more than ten years crafting the record, Dre continues to stall the release, claiming it's not yet perfect. "I don't think I've done that record yet," he explained. "I'll know what it is when it comes; I know exactly what it is in my head, but I haven't done it yet. It's close."

It's not that close. In the meantime, Dre's "hard at work" producing Game's next release, 'R.E.D. Album,' and Eminem's 'Relapse 2,' both dropping in the near future.