Johnny Nunez,

Dr. Dre has logged excessive hours in the recording studio over the past few years -- even if the world is yet to hear much of the results. But the rapper/producer could have faced some serious financial repercussions if he didn't make good on a contract he had signed with Paramount Recording Studios in California for use of their studio from April 2009 to June 2010.

Paramount, who sued Dre in July for $1.2 million, claimed that the emcee failed to cough up the dough for using their recording space, thus breaching their contract. But instead of fighting with the conglomerate, Dre has gone ahead and paid the staggering bill in full, prompting the company to drop the suit against him altogether.

"The costs have been paid in full," said a lawyer working for the studio. "The recording studio is happy with the amicable outcome."

Dre is still recording his upcoming third solo 'Detox,' originally due in 2004. The notoriously delayed album sprung a leak earlier this June, when an unfinished version of his Jay-Z-assisted 'Under Pressure' hit the net. The album is supposedly set for release later this fall.