Dayton, Ohio Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of 18-year-old Levi Slaughter, whom investigators claim shot and killed rapper Douglas "Dougie" Byrd in the middle of the street last week.

Dougie, 30, an aspiring rapper, was shot twice in the back of the head by a large-caliber semiautomatic pistol on Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 17), in an area of Dayton known for gang activity and drug sales. The assault followed Dougie's apparent argument with three males, and he was left lying in the middle of the street after the shooting. Police were called to the scene immediately, upon residents reportedly hearing as many as five gunshots.

Reports say Dougie was riding in a vehicle with the other men, when the argument took place. Although he attempted to remove himself from the altercation and walk away, he was followed by another passenger, who fired several shots, shooting and killing him, according to witnesses on the scene.

While police have a description of the vehicle, they have refused to release the information at this time. The motive for the execution-style shooting, which initially was suspected to be gang-related, is currently unknown.

Dougie was scheduled to perform at a Club Heat in Dayton on Friday (Jan. 27), but instead several of his peers have gathered to perform in his memory.

"He enjoyed life and as a performer, he gave everything," lamented local promoter Donna Hamilton. "You could be having the worst day of your life and he would come and in and you'd have to smile, have to grin. He lightened up the whole room."

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