After speaking out in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Dr. Jan Adams -- the plastic surgeon who operated on Kanye West's mother, Donda West, the day before her sudden death -- appeared on CNN's 'Larry King Live' for a brief moment on Tuesday, before awkwardly and abruptly walking off the show's set.

"I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for the West family. They asked me not to go on. And I've said from the very beginning, I don't have a side in this," Adams said before removing his microphone and earpiece. "They are my side, and I'm going to respect their wishes. I'm going to apologize to you because I think I'm taking up your air time, but I will not be on the show and I'm not going to discuss any of that. I'm going to honor their wishes."

Adams' recent concern for the West family could be the result of a letter he received prior to appearing on the program advising him against discussing West's death.

"To the extent there are issues about even why he's here, why this is in the media, it relates to the relationship he had with his patient," Alan Tenenbaum, one of West's attorneys, told King. "So until he gets clearance from the family, I don't think it would be fair or right for him to talk about these things."

It's safe to say Adams was not aware of the West family's wishes before he told the Times he thinks the 58-year-old may have overdosed on Vicodin, which he prescribed for her post-surgery. death. The doctor claimed West "probably [had] a rough night," and complained of pain the next morning. That's one speculation on my part."

West's funeral was held earlier Tuesday in Spencer, Oklahoma.