Donda West's last words to a friend were revealed in a voicemail message obtained exclusively by Inside Edition. In the message, Kanye West's mother discusses her surgery plans to her hairdresser, Charlay Thomas, just one day before going under the knife:

"I am going to go have my procedure done tomorrow and I'm getting every single thing from my neck to my knees! So, anyway, call me. I'll tell you about that ..."

The 58-year-old died on November 10, the day after plastic surgeon Jan Adams performed a abdominplasty -- commonly known as a tummy tuck -- and breast reduction. An autopsy was performed, but a full report is not expected for another six weeks.

In the meantime, Dr. Adams is under investigation by the California medical board for recent reports of alcohol-related arrests and malpractice lawsuits. Read the full story.