The death of Donda West, the mother of super-producer/rapper Kanye West, is still unclear after 9 weeks. According to Los Angeles County deputy medical examiner Louis A. Pena, West died of heart disease and "multiple postoperative factors," but the coroner's report was inconclusive.

While the report affirms rumors that West had a preexisting coronary condition, Pena claims the "manner of death could not be confirmed."

West died on November 10 in Los Angeles, after undergoing an abdominoplasty -- commonly known as a tummy tuck -- and breast reduction performed by Dr. Jan Adams. She was 58.

The report, however, was able to disprove Dr. Jan Adams' prior claim that West could have accidentally overdosed on pain medication. Adams continues to deny any wrongdoing and insists that "what came out of the autopsy released today, was exactly what I thought was going to be reported," he told Extra. "Out of respect for Kanye West's family, I want to honor the doctor-patient confidentiality agreement." Read the full story.