It may be brief, but Dom Kennedy landed himself an invaluable spot in a prominent ad campaign. Nike's latest commercial, which stars Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, features Kennedy performing a fictional song called 'The Best (Here He Comes' about the star defensive back.

The 'Never Finished' commercial spoofs Sherman's reputation as an arrogant player and the overzealous reactions of the media to his assertion he's "the best" in an interview. Sherman can't escape the noise as the situation escalates, including a movie and action figure being created from his quote.

Kennedy plays the role of a rapper capitalizing on the hype as he dons Sherman's gear for a music video, complete with backup dancers and a tank straight out of a Master P's dreams. It's a major coup for Kennedy to appear in such a high profile campaign for Nike, especially in the midst of football season where this ad is sure to run constantly every Sunday.

There's no sign that 'The Best' is an actual song Kennedy recorded, but it might be a savvy move for the Los Angeles rapper to turn it into one.