Dom Kennedy, who recently released his sophomore album, 'Get Home Safely,' is the latest guest on Mass Appeal's 'Off The Wall' series. The Los Angeles rapper cooly touches on the concept of his LP, his favorite movie 'The Godfather' and the music that served as the soundtrack to his youth.

The 29-year-old reflects on hip-hop classics like 'Doggystyle' from Snoop Dogg, DJ Quik's 'Quik Is the Name' and Tupac Shakur's releases, all of which he grew up on. He also name-drops the famed 'Big Poppa' from Notorious B.I.G.

On his own effort, 'Get Home Safely,' Dom doesn't deliver the same intensity of any of those albums, however, he maintains he was simply trying to tell his own story.

"It's the story about a boy who grew up... Who sat back and watched to rise of hip-hop, and now, who saw its downward spiral but got a chance to be a part of it and travel the world and decide who he wanted to be," the rhymer explains. "'Get Home Safely' is like the answer to a lot of those questions."

He goes on to describe his dream studio session -- which includes Ron Isley, George Clinton, Pharrell and Bobby Womack -- and how he loves 'The Godfather' because of its in-depth writing and how "everything ties in."