It's 2013, and not releasing a song, video, guest verse or god-forsaken teaser trailer every other month can threaten your relevancy (if you're not a major label rapper, anyway). It's ugly, but it's our own wrongdoing; the Internet has made people more fickle, and the media has further accelerated these short attention spans with more content than you can actually digest.

There are artists out there who keep a level head through all the BS though. Dom Kennedy is one of them.

It's taken the Leimert Park lyricist exactly a year to follow-up on last June's 'Yellow Album' with any new solo material. Between the recent influx of tracks that we have heard -- 'Nothin' Like Me,' 'Never' and 'ERICA Part 1,' which arrived just last night -- it's clear that Dom doesn't rush things. And that's exactly how it should be.

Dom's new full-length, 'Get Home Safely,' is coming sooner than later, we hope.