Dom Kennedy weaves a well-constructed narrative on his latest song, 'Dominic.'

The song's hook addresses the haters who are "talking s--t," both male and female. Dom then proceeds to tell the story of a relationship he has with a girl, as he tries to balance the relationship with overcoming the obstacles he faces in his music career. Dom's sets the scene with precision: "I was born in August so I'm gonna protect you/He left you in the garbage 'cause he don't even respect you/I didn't go my hardest 'cause I don't want to sweat you/I caught her in the Target just walking out the rest room."

The beat from DrewByrd features a high-pitched vocal sample that serves as a heavenly cloud for Dom's vocals to float upon.

Dom's long-anticipated 'Get Home Safely' drops October 15, and it seems logical to expect 'Dominic' to make the project. Despite a lengthy hiatus, Dom has had the people talking, generating momentum through a slew of releases in the last month.