As our nation's economic crisis continues to be the hot topic on every daily news program, we couldn't help but notice that rappers have never seemed to take a modest approach to spending. Check out the BoomBox's ten favorite songs about the almighty dollar.

'I Get Money'
--50 Cent (2007

Quotable: I'm stanky rich, I'm-a die tryna spend this s---/Southside's up in this b----/Yeah, I smell like the vault, I used to sell dope/I did play the block, now I play on boats

50 makes no bones about how "stanky rich" he is. Every line is chock-full of boasting, with the usual "I'm so rich" name-dropping: "St. Tropez," ''Benzo" and the line "Get a tan, I'm already black/Rich, I'm already that."