Mathew KnowlesA DNA test has confirmed rumors that Beyonce's dad and manager, Mathew Knowles, has fathered a son with his mistress Alexandra Wright. Wright filed a paternity suit against Knowles in a Los Angeles Superior Court in October, claiming that she had an 18-month affair with the music manager while he was still married to his wife Tina Knowles.

Although Knowles initially denied involvement with Wright, he agreed to take a paternity test to put the rumors to rest. And when Wright gave birth to her son Nixon in February, a judge granted her $8,200 in monthly temporary child support, plus the additional $10,000 she received in January for immediate medical expenses. According to TMZ, now that the blood relation has been confirmed, Knowles and Wright will appear in court again to settle on child support payments.

Knowles and his ex-wife Tina announced their divorce last year, after 29 years of marriage. The two conceded that it was an amicable separation, despite the apparent infidelity.