DMX and Tashera Simmons Things for DMX just keep getting worse and worse. Aside from his very public mounting legal woes and alleged drug addiction, the Yonker's born rapper's wife Tasheera Simmons is planning to file for divorce. The former couple, who were together for two decades and have four children, have since gone their separate ways. "I haven't filed [for divorce] yet but we are separated," Simmons said in an interview.

Simmons is also writing a book about her life as a mother and wife to one of hip-hop's most notable figures. "It's not a tell-all, I want to clear that up," she said. "It's a memoir about our life. My life and his life together because I feel in his book he didn't really get into detail to better understand it. With all the drama and everything going on now, I think my book explains everything. It's just our story I just don't like the 'tell-all' because it's a positive 'tell-all' I guess I'll say that."

In regards to whether or not she'll be spilling the beans on details surrounding X's fall from grace and decent into a lifestyle that includes one arrest after another, Simmons declined. "I'm more classier than that. I definitely wouldn't go there. I'm going to let people judge for themselves. I'm going to tell the whole story but not in a dissing way."

As previously reported X, born Earl Simmons, is serving a six-month sentence for probation violation. In a desperate attempt to save his client, X's lawyer Gary Jenkins requested the assistance of addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinksy by way of the reality show 'Celebrity Rehab.' The show chronicles celebs' recovery process during treatment at the Pasadena Recovery Center. Pinksy also wrote a letter to the judge asking that X be admitted to the rehab facility. No word yet on whether or not X will appear on the show.