Swizz Beatz addressed DMX's most recent drug-related arrest, claiming X's drug problems are nothing new. "X is my brother," Swizz explained. "What people don't know is, X has been X since day one; the thing is nobody cared back then. Now that he's famous, everyone wants to act like this is a new problem -- but it's not." Swizz went on to say that the only only person who can help the troubled rapper is himself. "The person has to want to get help...I am not saying that X won't bounce back because I pray he does, I pray every day for him." Damn homey. In '98 you was the man, homey. [HipHopWired]

'Jersey Shore' star The Situation is planning to take on Hollywood next. "In the upcoming year, I would have to say that I'm looking forward to possibly doing a movie or so...I want to surprise everybody. They might be coming to something soon." When asked whether it would be a comedy or an action flick, Situation was evasive, however. "It could be something in the middle. I don't know....Hopefully it works out. Other than that, there could be also some reality in the future as well. I'm right in between, I don't know. I'm like in college right now, about to graduate. I don't know what's going on. Maybe I'll stay another year, maybe I'll graduate, I don't know." Bet he doesn't graduate. [MTV]