DMXIt's been a long time coming, but DMX will finally receive the full 'Behind the Music' treatment on June 7. A nearly perfect subject for the program, DMX represents a great character study of a man split between pure talent and some nasty inner demons. According to a press preview, the rapper provides a frank exploration of his violent upbringing, 25-year drug addiction and countless legal battles.

"When you reach a certain level of fame you have limited regard for the law," says DMX in the program. "I wasn't killing people, I wasn't robbing people. So I wasn't doing crimes like that. I was doing dumb s---. It wasn't the smartest thing to do ... You don't come to terms with something before you do it. It's only after you've done it that you realize, you know, maybe that wasn't the best thing to do. Sometimes you gotta fall down to know the feeling to get up."

The program will also feature exclusive interviews with DMX's family, ex-wife and industry bigwigs like music exec Lyor Cohen, Irv Gotti and Swizz Beatz. Just yesterday, Cohen brought up DMX's entrance into the game as truly rejuvenating and exciting moment in his storied career.

"Remember when everything was full of color and happy-dappy when Bad Boy was running everything and then we came with DMX?," Cohen posed to Complex in the interview. "Do you remember that summer? How excited people got? That's my favorite moment -- when I sit on a porch in the summertime and the air gets really thick. There's no breeze. The birds start darting around. And then all of a sudden a violent storm comes through -- raindrops as big as cups; lighting and thunder."

Watch the thunderclouds roll in on VH1's 'Behind the Music' June 7 at 8PM.