DMX has decided to jump on the "everyone has their take on Jay-Z before his record drops" train. In a video that hit the net this morning, the king Ruff Ryder laid out his disapproval of Hova in between some trademark vocal tics and arm flailing. His main gripe? X was none too happy with how Jay treated him during his tenure as president of Def Jam.

"I f---ed with him and had respect for him -- until he became the president of Def Jam, and I ain't gonna say too much more about it, but you know what it is," relayed DMX before saying too much about it. "There's a difference between doing wrong and being wrong. At one point, you were being wrong. N----s can't do it like we could. N---- couldn't do it like we could."

He claims that he was initially excited for Jay-Z's new position at Def Jam, but things quickly went sour when Hov decided to skip out for a vacation while DMX's album was marinating. The potentially idyllic situation of having one of his peers in control turned into a nightmare.

"Jay is a talented motherf---er," he says. "Don't misunderstand me. He is talented, but he has no heat behind it. There's no soul behind it. It's motivated by money... I lost it when he became president of Def Jam. That's why I left Def Jam... You come down, listen to my s---. We ready. Then you go on vacation. N----s take a picture of you with chancletas on. That's what you leave the hood for, son? That's why you walk out on your man for, son? Flip-flops? Serious? You serious?"

He concludes by saying that he's truly hurt by what Jay-Z did to him (so sensitive) and doesn't want to discuss it anymore. Yikes! Well, hopefully DMX can get it together enough to give us some raw music and make his differing views known on wax. Until then, X should remember: always be careful when you combine drugs and video cameras.