Rapper DMX has been having a rough few months and to make matters worse he decided to do an interview from jail. Appearing disheveled and somewhat erratic, X attempts to set the record straight on his recent legal troubles. He begins by showing his appreciation to the interviewer, a journalist for a local news station.

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be heard in a positive light ... In a fair light," he said. X goes on to talk about falling in love with Arizona sunrises before "meeting the devil." Although he doesn't name anyone in particular, he clarifies that the spirit of the devil travels in an out of people. With all that said, he is adamant about never returning to the state again.

When questioned about his trouble with the law, X remained aloof. "I actually didn't get in any trouble. I was never arrested at the scene of any crime," he said. "They just came and arrested me for something," he said.

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X, whose life and career was chronicled in the BET show DMX: Soul of a Man, has plans of filming a show while behind bars. "I'm [going to] start a TV show while I'm in here, [called] 'Pain and Perseverance.' It's about how I can reach people the average person can't reach because I'm grounded. Then I'm going to give my first sermon in church, that's [going to] be like, incredible for me." He also announced that he has completed a gospel album in jail as well. The only thing that X seems to be unhappy with is the pink shirt that he has to wear under his stripped prison jumpsuit.

Life for the Yonkers, NY native began to publicly spiral out of control last year when he found himself in and out of jail on numerous occasions. To make matters worse he missed several court appearances forcing police to issue a public reward for his capture. He was later apprehended at the Florida home of producer Scott Storch and expedited back to Arizona. X faces drug, theft, and animal cruelty charges which he pleaded guilty to last month. He will be sentenced on January 30.