Did you ever think you would hear a collaboration between DMX and Rakim in 2013? No? Neither did we, but here we are with 'Don't Call Me.'

The track appeared online seemingly out of nowhere after it went up on iTunes, though it's not really clear how it came about. X did tweet about it yesterday upon its release, but that's about it. As a result, who knows where this will end up or if it's simply a one-off single. It's probably the latter.

As for the music itself, 'Don't Call Me' is an aggressive track that borders on rap-rock. The two New York MCs are backed by a live band, who erupt into the anthemic chorus featuring singer Shontelle. There's even a guitar solo accentuated by X's growls and screams. In other words, it's a bizarre, jarring listen that, if nothing else, shows that someone needs to get these guys some better production.

You can hear the track below and buy it on iTunes.