Like the song off his 'Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood' album, DMX has been "slippin'" as of late, which caused his arrest Thursday (Nov. 18) in Phoenix, Ariz. In an interview with Fox 10 News reporter Britt Moreno, the troubled rapper, dressed in prison garb inside the Lower Buckeye Jail, details some of the events leading to his return behind bars.

DMX, born Earl Simmons, was temporarily released from a substance abuse program to perform at a concert in Scottsdale, Ariz. The New York native consumed alcohol during the event, an act that landed him in handcuffs.

"I shouldn't have done it," DMX says. "I wasn't done with the program. They let me out to do the show. I should have protected myself better."

On December 18, X celebrates his 40th birthday. However, the rhymer, whose single 'Ya'll Don't Really Know' was recently released, may turn a year older in jail. His charges include ongoing use of cocaine, use of Oxycontin without a prescription and failing to submit to drug testing, among other charges, which could keep him locked up for quite some time. DMX will appear before a judge this week to find out if he'll receive extensive drug counseling or stay in prison.

Despite his abundant run-ins with the law, DMX remains optimistic about what's to come. "It's rare that I get fair treatment..." he reveals. "It's love or hate. I'm gonna get through this. Thank you for the support and love, I won't let you down."

View his interview in full below.