We all know that DMX can be quite entertaining when he does interviews. Recently, the rapper chatted with Bulgarian hip-hop site 359hiphop.com and barked out some interesting quotes about his past arrests and today’s rap scene, among other things.

X, who is currently on a European tour, was grateful for the opportunity to perform for fans overseas. The conversation then switched to his years of incarceration in Arizona. When asked if prison changed him, he replied that none of it changed him as an artist.

As for his arrests last year in South Carolina for driving without a license, the 'Get At Me Dog' rhymer had some choice words for the police.

"Who the f--- gets locked up for driving without a license?" he asks. "Me. Because I’m famous. Police suck d--- that’s what they do."

"I’m not a criminal. I’m not out there committing crimes and s---," he continues. "I drive my f---ing car. I have a car, I drive it. You want to pull me over and lock me up. I be right back out doing the same f---ing thing eight hours ago. So f--- you!"

While we can understand DMX’s anger towards law enforcement, someone needs to remind him that driving is a privilege, not a right. He also has to abide by the laws or stay out of vehicles.

On the state of rap, DMX was quite blunt with his opinion.

"The quality of rap f---ing sucks right now," he barks. "There are some nice rappers [out there] but for the most part, n----s suck. Take it how you want to take it. Bring it! What!"

Elsewhere in the interview, DMX admits that he doesn’t know how to use the Internet and he still owns a Blackberry.

He did offer some great advice to aspiring rappers who want to be in the rap game. "If you are going to rap, do it because you love to do it," he states. "And have a purpose."