DMX is getting ready to roar back with Undisputed, his first album in six years. He recently shot a video for the lead single, "I Don't Dance." In the behind-the-scenes footage below, the gruff-voiced MC can be seen chatting up fans, conferring with director John Colombo and chilling with Machine Gun Kelly, who guests on the track.

Also appearing in the short clip are producer Dame Grease -- a frequent DMX collaborator -- and rapper Xzibit, who drops by to watch the shoot. Early on, Colombo tells viewers he's suffering form the flu, but his bout with illness doesn't derail the seemingly big-budget production.

Undisputed is due out this summer, and while diehards await the release, they can catch DMX on the VH1 reality show "Couples Therapy."

Go Behind the Scenes of DMX's 'I Don't Dance' Video

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