DMXDMX is at it again. This time he's ranting about his former label, Def Jam Records, stiffing him out of money for the video game 'Def Jam Vendetta' that he appeared in. During an interview, X spilled the beans on how labels make money off artists without paying them what they deserve.

"The highest paid artists get paid like 26 cents off a dollar and they sell your s--- for $20," he said. "C'mon dog, you can do a little better than that. I can't use my own music without getting your [record labels] permission and I paid for it?! I wrote it, I paid the n---- for the beat, I paid you for loaning me the money. Why [are] you holding on to my s---?!"

Clearly upset X, laced his commentary with more than a few choice expletives, before revealing how much he was offered for the Def Jam video game. "You know what these c--- mother----ers had the nerve to offer me?" X said of the game. "The first one did good so now they're coming out with a part two ['Def Jam: Fight for NY'] These n-----s come at me like, 'Yo, guess what X? We're going to do a part two.' They use my music throughout the whole game and I'm the hardest character to get to. They said 'Yo, we're [going to] give you a $25,000 signing bonus and two cents off every game they sell!" X went on to point out how unfair the "deal" was as the game retails for $50. Released in 2003, 'Def Jam Vendetta' fused hip-hop with pro-wrestling and featured several Def Jam artists and their music. The game spawned two sequals 'Def Jam: Fight For NY' and 'Def Jam: Icon.'

Since cutting ties with the label X's career has taken somewhat of a downward spiral. After signing to Columbia in 2006 and releasing 'Year Of The Dog...Again,' X's growing criminal record quickly overshadowed his musical efforts. He was arrested several times before serving a 90-day sentence in Arizona earlier this year. Upon his release X pledged that he was a changed man and would be dropping a gospel album and two rap albums next year.