DMXIt seems that DMX can't get any of his half-baked eccentric events to go off lately. First, there was that whole thing where he was planning to participate in an MMA fight with musician/bruiser Eric Martinez in Birmingham, Ala. The rapper pulled out of the event and got sued by Thunder Promotions, the backer, for $1 million. Then came news that DMX was planning some sort of gospel rap fundraiser for a local church in Arizona. The concert was set to take place at Independence High School in Glendale on Saturday (March 6), but apparently they just caught wind that an ex-con was involved and pulled the plug.

TMZ tracked down the pastor of Morning Star Sanctified Church, which DMX was supposed to help, and she confirmed that the school was totally fine with the concert, but quickly flipped after hearing whispers about what the rapper was all about. The church tried to reason that they had already taken out a $1 million insurance policy for the concert, but high school officials just returned their $500 deposit and moved on.

Pastor King is currently trying to relocate the show to her church, but this would be a much smaller venue. As that's sort of antithetical to the whole fundraiser purpose (and it's DMX performing in a church), we're going to have to officially declare the event dead until we hear otherwise.