DMXA DMX show in Colorado became violent Friday night (October 16), when the rapper arrived late for a scheduled performance at a charity event.

DMX showed up at the Colorado Springs concert at 11 PM, having missed his performance time by almost two hours, then clashed with security and police over his right to appear onstage.

Upon arrival, DMX was informed by security that his performance was canceled due to his his late appearance and that the fans had already been notified and other arrangements made.

When a security guard warned DMX that he would be arrested if he made an attempt to take the stage, X reportedly angrily responded, "[Arrest me] for what?! You ain't no police!" DMX argued. "I've been paid to perform."

The rapper and his entourage then attempted to rush the stage, but the club's security and local law enforcement overwhelmed them. Though X was finally able to make it on stage and assuage the crowd of angry fans, the club turned off the sound system and refused to allow him to perform.

During the fray, X's publicist Pam Pinnock was reportedly injured, suffering a minor concussion and facial lacerations after being trampled to the floor. Footage of the incident can be seen here.

The event was organized by Soulclay Entertainment to benefit American Charities, an organization which has previously contracted DMX for fundraising performances.

According to reports, the club's refusal to let X perform may have had more to do with the charity's inability to cover the rapper's fee than his late appearance. X was allegedly paid $8,000 upfront and was to be paid an additional $7,000 at the venue, but the show's promoters are said to have made the decision to cancel the performance and default on the full payment because they hadn't made enough from ticket sales to cover the expense.

DMX took to his occasionally used Twitter account yesterday morning to air his thoughts on the incident. "F--- them shaky f----- ass promoters!!!" he wrote. "Sorry my fans in Colorado!! I tried my best, but this industry is full of bull----."

"F--- a f----- ass police pig," DMX tweeted a few minutes later, concluding with, "I am the law."

Taking a more measured approach is J. Baldrick, aka Dirty, another artist was also on the charity event's bill. "The promoter stalled DMX to make it look like it was DMX's fault he was late, when in fact it was Soulclay Ent's fault because they didn't have his money," Baldrick asserts in a lengthy blog and vlog posted on his MySpace page.

"DMX didn't want more money," Baldrick writes before alleging. "They did not pay him the full amount and to my understanding, spent his fee on concert expenses they couldn't afford at the last minute!"

No matter what happened, this is not the first time something like this has happened at a DMX concert. A similar incident occurred last year at Indiana University, when the rapper clashed with police after failing to take the stage on time for a scheduled performance. Same dog, same tricks? Or is X at the wrong end of a conspiracy? We may never know.