DMX just can't seem to stay out of trouble. The embattled rapper was busted buying drugs from an undercover cop in Miami on Friday. The 37-year-old, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was arrested during a narcotics sting operation, according to a police report obtained by the Miami Herald.

According to reports, X approached the officer and asked for ''30 powder and 15 weed.'' The rapper paid the cop $30 for cocaine and $15 for marijuana before being arrested and taken to Miami-Dade County jail.

X was arrested last week Monday in Miami when he was pulled over and charged with driving without a valid driver's license. The troubled rap star is also awaiting trial for 11 counts of animal cruelty and drug charges in Arizona.

The Rap Sheet

    DMX was arrested in Miami on Friday after approaching an undercover cop to buy some cocaine and marijuana. This comes on the heels of his June 23 arrest when the 'Get at Me Dog' rapper was taken in on an arrest warrant for having no valid driver's license. He was also arrested twice in May and awaits trial on animal cruelty charges.

    Bryan Bedder, Getty Images

    A judge on Friday ordered Curtis Jackson, a.k.a. 50 Cent, to surrender all of his guns after issuing a temporary restraining order on the rapper at the request of his ex-girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins. "To my knowledge, he has no guns," said Jackson's lawyer, Brett Kimmel. This is just the latest salvo in a long fight over money between Jackson and Tompkins.

    Kristian Dowling, Getty Images

    Young Jeezy was hit with driving under the influence and speeding charges after his Corvette was pulled over during a late-night stop on June 18 in Atlanta. Police didn't say how fast he was going, or if he took a field sobriety test.

    Getty Images,Getty Images

    Snoop Dogg kicked off his Father's Day with the news that his wife Shante Broadus was arrested shortly past midnight on June 15 for investigation of driving under the influence of alcohol.

    Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

    Warren Griffin III, better known as rapper Warren G, was a passenger in a car that was pulled over for a red light violation early on June 8. Police found what they believe to be marijuana in the car and took both Griffin and the driver into custody on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance.

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