Not every person attending a performer's show is necessarily a fan and DMX experienced that firsthand Thursday night (Jan. 5). The 'It's Dark and Hell Is Hot' creator was performing at Cafe Sevilla in Long Beach, Calif., when a concertgoer jumped up on stage and surprised the rapper when he attacked him.

"Are you ready to get this s--- started for real?" DMX asked the audience. "Let's do it!" As the beat commenced for 'One More Road to Cross,' a song off his third LP, '...And Then There Was X,' a skully-wearing DMX was about to spit through his verses when a man in a white T-shirt hopped on the stage and assaulted the rhymer.

He grabbed onto X's neck, but didn't do any harm because trusty security guards were on hand to remove the culprit from the stage.

DMX didn't seem to fazed by the incident telling the crowd, "Come on, we don't stop the music for s---!" TMZ has footage of the attack below.

After his release from prison in July, the Yonkers, N.Y. native seems to be keeping himself out of trouble. DMX has taken on more performance gigs and he's even spent time playing basketball with some disabled veterans.

Watch DMX Get Atracked by a Fan

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