DMX’s ongoing legal issues have slowed him down from making new music. However, his longtime producer Dame Grease recently posted a previously unreleased track called “Ain’t Nowhere to Hide” -- the artwork features a different title but we'll go with what's on Grease's SoundCloud page. The head-nodding banger will make you recall DMX’s Ruff Ryder days when “Get at Me Dog” was bumping on the radio ad nauseam.

Over a rollicking beat and funky keys, Dark Man X sounds like his old self as he barks gritty lyrics to anyone who dares to step to him.

"Chumps like you talk big / But after I hit a few n----s, you at the precinct talking to pigs," he raps, adding, "Cats don't know how deep the waters are / You got three kids, I know where your daughters are / Should I gave the order? (Naw) / N---- wearing a wire / You know what the cops call him? / A recording star."

Now don’t get too excited. This is likely an old song and not something DMX recorded recently. His lyrics are a little dated, but they still have plenty of bite.

Dame Grease has worked with DMX for almost two decades and this should put a spark in X's mind that he needs to get in the studio ASAP.

Props to Dame Grease for letting the beat ride for nearly two minutes at the end of the song. That's certainly enough room for a rapper to hop on and spit a freestyle to it.

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Listen to DMX's "Ain't Nowhere to Hide"

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