Ben Hider, Getty Images

Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, founder of legends Run-D.M.C., wants to know your playlist of hip-hop favorites. He recently teamed-up again with Tekserve, a New York shop that specializes in Apple computers, to create a website with his top 10 hip-hop songs and he's asking fans to do the same. After fans submit their favorites, DMC will pick the winner, who will receive a limited-edition iPod engraved with the rapper's signature and a handwritten note.

"What's exciting about this contest for me is the opportunity to see what other people are playing and listening to," DMC wrote in a blog post on the Tekserve site. The campaign is a result of a new DMC single entitled 'I Got More Songs Than You Do,' which is not only a true statement, but an interesting concept where the rapper explores the iPod's role as the boombox of the 21st century.

"People think that all hip-hop ever created was a bunch of rappers and DJs," DMC wrote. "The culture this music created gave kids opportunities and possible alternatives; it created journalists and photographers, magazine editors and cinematographers, camera operators and sound engineers, directors, writers and producers, not to mention professors, artists, poets, and philosophers."

Unsurprisingly, DMC's favorites are pretty old school. His list includes selections by Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash, Scarface, Brand Nubian, Killer Mike, Wu-Tang Clan and Afrika Bambaataa. You can submit your own list of favorites here.